3DEXPERIENCE CATIA 2022x: Advanced Part Design

This training course is ideal for experienced CATIA users who want to extend their modeling abilities with advanced functionality and techniques. This extensive hands-on course contains numerous projects focused on process-based exercises to give users practical experience while improving design productivity. Users will learn techniques for reusing data, tackling complex geometry, using wireframe, working through feature failure, and investigating the model with analysis tools.

Topics Covered in this 3DEXPERIENCE Training Course:
  • Start a generative drawing
  • Effective modeling practices and design methodology review
  • Advanced multi-section solid and rib/slot operations
  • Advanced draft and fillet creation and troubleshooting techniques
  • Advanced patterning techniques and user patterns
  • Power Copy creation and instantiation
  • Design tables
  • Catalog creation
  • Creating and managing multi-model links
  • Multi-body modeling techniques
  • Performing Boolean operations
  • Knowledge Templates
  • Wireframe Lines and Curves
  • Analysis Tools
  • Feature Failure Resolution
  • Thickness, Remove Face and Replace Face features
  • Introduction to Automation
Prerequisites for this 3DEXPERIENCE Training Course:
Completion of the 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA 2022x: Introduction to Modeling course and an additional 80 hours of CATIA experience are recommended.

Topics, curriculum, and/or prerequisites may change depending on software version.