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Access online resources whenever and wherever you need them with a subscription to the Rand 3D ProductivityNOW eLearning platform. This comprehensive on-demand offering includes videos, quizzes, and detailed practice exercises to facilitate understanding and retention of course material.

ProductivityNOW Portal Highlights:

  • Course material developed by ASCENT, a leader in CAD curriculum creation
  • Content includes real-world examples from industry-experienced engineers
  • Practice exercises reinforce concepts taught
  • Lessons accommodate multiple learning styles: visual, auditory, and tactile
  • Course are available anytime, anywhere, and at a pace set by the student
  • Powerful all-in-one search allows users to quickly find the content they need to stay productive, whether it's a 'how-to' video, customized workflow, or a full learning path
  • Management can assign learning paths to employees, configure auto-enrollment rules, or employees can self-enroll in learning paths they choose
  • Management can track progress of employees with the easy-to-use reporting dashboard
  • Share content with project team members through user-created workgroups, including team members external to the company¬†
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Start Your eLearning Subscription

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