CATIA V5: Advanced Assembly Design & Management

This course builds on the assembly functionality introduced in the CATIA V5: Introduction to Modeling course. Students gain a full understanding of how to design and manage a complex assembly in CATIA while concentrating on techniques that maximize the capabilities of the Assembly workbench. This extensive hands-on course contains numerous labs focused on process-based exercises to give you practical experience and improve design productivity.

Fundamental Topics in this CATIA V5 Training Course:
  • Assembly Operations (reconnecting constraints, specification tree customization, save operations, Desk command, etc.)
  • Skeleton Modeling
  • Contextual Design
  • Publications
  • Link Management
  • Collaborative Design
  • Component Degrees of Freedom
  • Assembly Duplication (multi-instantiation, component symmetry, reuse patterns, etc.)
  • Assembly Analysis (measurements, clash, sectioning a model, etc.)
Prerequisites for this CATIA V5 Training Course:
CATIA V5: Introduction to Modeling, plus 80 hours of CATIA experience

Class topics, curriculum, and/or prerequisites may change depending on software version.