CATIA V5: Sheet Metal Design

This training course enables you to create features that are specific to the sheet metal modeling process. You are provided with a process-based approach to creating sheet metal models. Each step in the process is discussed in depth using lectures and several hands-on practices. This training course focuses on the Generative Sheet Metal Design workbench.

Topics Covered in this CATIA V5 Training Course:
  • Generative Sheet Metal Design workbench
  • Sheet Metal terminology
  • Sheet Metal process
  • Sheet Metal parameters
  • Primary wall creation – profile, extruded, rolled, and hopper
  • Defining walls
  • Secondary walls – wall on edge (automatic and sketch based), tangent, swept
  • Cylindrical bends
  • Bends from flat
  • Unfolded view
  • Corner relief
  • Point and curve mapping
  • Creating standard stamps – surface stamp, bead, curve stamp, flanged cutout, louver, bridge, flanged hole, circular stamp, stiffening rib, dowel
  • Punch and die
  • Punch with opening faces
  • Sheet Metal features – corners, chamfers, cuts and holes
  • Feature duplication
  • Patterning – rectangular patterns, circular patterns
  • User patterns
  • Converting a solid part to sheet metal
  • Output to DXF and drawing
Prerequisites for this CATIA V5 Training Course:
Completion of the CATIA V5: Introduction to Modeling course is recommended.

Class topics, curriculum, and/or prerequisites may change depending on software version.