Creo Parametric: Surface Design

The Creo Parametric Surface Design training course focuses on the creation of complex geometry that cannot be created easily using solid features. It provides students with a basic understanding of surface modeling styles and extensive practices to practice the new functionality used to create complex geometry.

Fundamental Topics in this Creo Parametric Training Course:
  • Surface Basics
  • Reference Geometry
  • Splines and Conics
  • Creating Simple Surfaces
  • Surface Operations
  • Creating Surfaces from Boundaries
  • Analysis Tools
  • Advanced Surfaces (Curvature Continuous Surfaces, Blend Tangent to Surfaces, Ribbon Surfaces)
  • Advanced Swept Surfaces
  • Offset Surfaces
  • Introduction to Data Exchange (Import Data Doctor)
Prerequisites for this Creo Parametric Training Course:
  • Creo Parametric: Introduction to Solid Modeling,
  • Creo Parametric: Advanced Part Design or equivalent Creo Parametric experience.

Class topics, curriculum, and/or prerequisites may change depending on software version.

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