Online Instructor-led Training

Learning in a Virtual Environment

Interact with an expert instructor, collaborate with classmates, and enjoy the convenience of learning from your personal workstation while eliminating travel-associated downtime. 

Benefits of Rand 3D LIVE Online Classes

  • An interactive virtual classroom – Desktop sharing, chat, and audio functions allow instant feedback from the instructor and direct interaction between students
  • Individualized attention – Classes are limited to 10 students
  • Immersive learning – Students experience the technology with practical hands-on lessons and help from instructors as needed
  • Immediate feedback – The testing module provides students with immediate feedback and assessment of skills
  • Flexible schedules – Half-day session options allow you to balance time spent learning and time spent working

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Is LIVE Online Right for You?

Is LIVE Online Right for You?

Talk with our team to see if our remote classroom technology makes sense for your organization.