Skills Tests for CATIA, Creo, and More

Experience has shown that even after attending the same training classes, students have varying levels of productivity once they are back on-the-job.

Why is this? Just as each person is unique, so is their learning style, ability to retain information, and their comprehension of technology.

To assist users in getting the most out of their engineering software, we offer two types of assessment tools that help identify existing proficiency levels and offer training recommendations.

User Knowledge Profile (UKP)

  • Delivered online, the UKP evaluates basic CATIA and/or Creo skills such as creating simple features, sketches, and assemblies through a series of hands-on tasks and quizzes
  • Users and managers are provided with a report identifying software proficiencies and areas requiring improvement
  • Users receive a targeted learning path for next steps
  • Ideal for hiring managers trying to understand software proficiency of new employees

User Quizzes

  • Measures current knowledge of core software functionality through a series of technical questions related to your software
  • Results assist in identifying skills gaps
  • Recommendations for targeted training are provided

When these knowledge assessments are combined with our instructor-led training, users can be confident in having the prerequisite knowledge and skills as they move from basic to advanced levels of training.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to Get Started?

Learn about our pre-set and custom knowledge assessments.